Browse 𝕏 (twitter) anywhere! Without Getting Caught

XDisguise is a Chrome extension that makes 𝕏 (twitter) look like a PDF. Quickly toggle media and the UI on or off to avoid suspicion. Handle boring meetings at work or in class, and stay up to date with the latest happenings.

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Don't be caught slackin', chill out and browse a bit πŸ₯Έ


Minimalist interface mimics a professional PDF document

XDisguise πŸ₯Έ lets you discreetly browse Twitter at work, without raising any red flags. By making your feed look like a bland PDF document, you can keep tabs on /important updates/ while appearing focused and productive.


Toggle media and 𝕏 (twitter) UI with alt+x and alt+c

The extension solves the problem of getting busted for social media on the job. The quick image toggle ensures an errant meme won't blow your cover.


Lightweight Chrome Extension with Zero Cost

XDisguise πŸ₯Έ is a compact and easy-to-install Chrome extension that won't raise any suspicions. With its minimal footprint and completely free usage, you can enjoy its benefits without any hassle or financial burden. :)

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Don't let FOMO derail your career.

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⏳ people have already checked it out!

Use Cases

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’ΌBrowse Twitter at Work Safely

Use XDisguise to transform your 𝕏 feed into a professional-looking PDF document. Stay updated without raising any red flags from your boss.

🏫 Survive Boring Lectures

Students can use XDisguise to discreetly browse 𝕏 during dull lectures. Transform your feed into a PDF and stay engaged without getting caught.

🏒 Stay Updated in Meetings

Use XDisguise to keep up with important 𝕏 updates while attending meetings. Your feed looks like a document, keeping your focus unnoticed.

🏑 At Home with Family

Use XDisguise to stay connected on 𝕏 without drawing attention while spending time with family. Your feed looks like work, so you can multitask easily.

🚊 In Public Places

Whether at a cafe or in transit, use XDisguise to browse 𝕏 discreetly. Your feed appears as a document, allowing you to stay updated without prying eyes.

πŸ“š During Study Sessions

Students can use XDisguise to sneak in some 𝕏 time during study breaks. The PDF format keeps your social browsing under wraps.

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How do i use this extention?

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What users said

    • My Boss always tries to catch a glimpse of my monitor so i was looking for something like this

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    • I am usually bored at work and have a helicopter boss so this helps, thanks.

      Anon 3